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Accenture Employee Benefits, Packages, Handbook, Marriage, Death can be discussed here. Check the catalog of Employee Benefits at Accenture. If anyone is looking for a job at Accenture then they must read this post to know about the Employee benefits available to its associates .Beyond offering extensive gains Accenture Plc is very well known for its awesome worker advantages, discounts, and perks. We are here to provide the complete details of the Amazing worker profits that are offered by Accenture Plc.

Accenture Employee Benefits

Here on the following page, we would explain the employee benefits list. It is spreading its services worldwide with the help of 6,24,000 representatives. So, Accenture tries to keep its representatives always satisfied with its Employee Benefits List.

Accenture Employee Benefits
Accenture employee benefits

Accenture Employee Packages

Accenture plc is a multinational company previously known as Andersen Consulting that provides professional and Information Technology services. It is founded in the year 1989, in Doblin, Ireland by Clarence Delany.

Representatives working in plc spend their time and talent for the growth of organisation to enhance organized workflow and get advantages. Both in a personal and professional way, the best results are being delivered from them. That’s the reason believes in the staff and tries to conduct worker engagement activities, enable resources and give them the support which they require in physical, mental, and financial status with the company profits.

The plc empowers its employees with different types of Benefits, profits, discounts, and perks to work at their best that might help for the enhancement, also the person and his/her family. Let us discuss them in brief here.

Accenture Employee Handbook

It offers member gains programs to its jobholders to engage highly talented and skilled ones with the company. The It consulting conglomerate keeps its staff loyal and motivated with a Comprehensive Privileges Package. The health insurance of it offers medical, dental, vision, FSA extras to its operators.

Do you know it allows its workers to purchase its stocks with up to 10% of their salary contributions and it offers a 15% discount on its shares to its agents? Not only that it offers 7 months of severance pay-out privileges to its members, but we have also seen no other company offering like this.

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Accenture Employee Death Benefits

MedicalIt offers medical, dental, vision, disability, and spending accounts
DentalIt offers this plan through the dental Prefer Provider Organization(PPO) and Dental Maintenance Organization(DMO). These plans offer 100% preventive care, basic, major, and restorative services.
VisionThrough routine vision care plan, it offers eye exams, contact lenses, and sunglasses. In some cases, it offers LASIK care also.
DisabilityIn the case of short-term disability, it offers some percentage of a person’s salary for up to 180 days. It offers long-term disability also. The person has to purchase LTD.
HSA and FSAThe company contributes $500 for a single person and $1,000 for a family. HSAs and FSAs are used for unexpected medical, dependent care, and childcare expenses.

Accenture Employee Marriage Benefits

Life and AD&DIt offers life and Accidental demise and dismemberment insurance that provides a lump-sum amount in case of illness, injury, or heaven in an accident.
401(K)It is a retirement savings plan where the company provides 100% matching contributions to the 6% of workers’ salary after completion of one year of service.
PTOVacations and sick leaves are combined in paid time off. Generally, it offers 20 days of paid time off per year. Newly joined people will get 10-15 days.
HolidaysIt offers 9 paid holidays.
Maternity and Paternity LeaveIt offers 16 weeks of maternity leave for birth mothers and 8 weeks of paid paternity leave for other primary caretakers. In addition, it offers 2 weeks of parental leave for the ones who became parents with surrogacy, or adoption, or, foster care.
Tuition ReimbursementIt offers $80,000 for the selected grades of MBA for the operators who are pursuing an MBA post-graduation.
ChildcareIt offers up to 80 hours per year for backup children, spouses, or elders care and an extra 40 hours in the first year of a child’s birth or adoption.
BonusThe company offers 2% of the annual pay of associates as a bonus.
WeddingIt offers paid leave for associate weddings. If two persons of plc got married then it offers spousal advantages like joint bank accounts, combined income-tax files, and increase borrowing capacity.

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Here is the complete information on Accenture Benefits available to associates .We hope you read and got the full knowledge of the accenture benefits which are provided to the Accenture Employee Benefits. As a worker of the firm, meet your HR for the perks that suit your profile. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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