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McDonald’s Employee Benefits, Login, Discounts, Handbook


McDonald’s Employee Benefits, Login, Discounts, Handbook can be discussed here. Check the list of Employee Benefits at McDonald’s. If anyone want to work with the company then one must to know about benefits are available to employees and their families. Find Out similar employee benefits available at Burger king fast-food company.

McDonald’s Employee Benefits

McDonald’s is an American fast-food company, designed to serve delicious chicken recipes, burgers and fries to the customers. McDonald’s company was founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.The chain of fast food restaurant delivering various items in terms of locations.To explore fast food items through McDonald’s menu list at your near by locations.

McDonald’s Employee Benefits

McDonald’s Employee Benefits Login

If anyone is newly appointed to McDonald’s Corporation and doesn’t know about benefits available to associates then please go through this article till the end.

Similar Employee Benefits:

McDonald’s Employee Benefits Discounts

  1. Medical: if anyone completes his/her 90 days of employment a mini-med plan will be applicable for more than 10 years. A worker can pay $14 a week that annual profits at $2,000, and if $32 a week that covers up to $10,000 a year.
  2. Prescription drug card: Doctors visits and prescribed medication can be covered by this prescription drug card.
  3. Dental: It covers preventive services including sealants for kids at 90% nondeductible. It also covers basic and major services at 80% after a deductible. Not only that 50% of eligible orthodontia for adults and children after a one-time deductible.
  4. Vision: Eyeglasses and contact lenses, a mail-order contact lens replacement program, and concessions on Lasik laser vision correction surgery will be provided by the Vision supplement plan.
  5. FSA: The flexible spending accounts are the pre-tax dollars set aside to pay for certain wellness care and daycare expenses. They can set aside up to $5,600 in HSAs for medical and dental plans. For daycare expenses, up to $5,000 can be set aside.
  6. Short and long-term disability: The company considers a person as disabled when he/she cannot work for more than 10 continous days. The STD amount depends on the nature of the workers’ disability and years of service. Long-term disability replaces 60% of the members’ monthly base salary. These two are provided at no cost.

McDonald’s Employee Benefits Handbook

  1. Life Insurance: This amount is two times the base salary and will be offered at no cost. Basic dependent or spouse and child life are also provided at no cost with an option to purchase additional dependent life insurance coverage. There is a chance of purchasing additional life coverage.
  2. AD&D: Accidental Death and Dismemberment is equal to two times the base salary if the servant dies or is seriously injured in an accident.
  3. Business travel Accident: In case of an accident when traveling for either business or personal reasons, it covers two times the base salary. Depending on the Person’s position, it can be either $100,000 or $200,000.
  4. McSave: It is a financial program that allows to investing the salary in a Primary Reserve Fund Management.
  5. Mc Direct Shares: it is a stock purchase plan in which stocks are purchased through payroll deductions and a minimal start-up fee.
  6. Retirement: 401(K) allows every eligible worker to put anywhere between 1 and 50% of their pay. 

Different Types of McDonald’s Employee Benefits & Plans

  1. Vacation: Paid vacation for corporate, region, and division office, and Restaurant Management staff is 0-11 days per year. Also offers nine paid holidays for part-time workers.
  2. Anniversary Splash: Every qualified labor can have an extra week of paid time off on their five, fifteen, twenty-five, or thirty-fifth-year anniversary.
  3. Leave of Absence: It includes family and medical, adoption leave, and funeral leave.
  4. Adoption Assistance: The costs associated with adopting a child under age 18 are reimbursed for 80% up to $2,500 per child.
  5. Educational Reimbursement: It supports interested workforce who want to continue their education while working. 90% of eligible expenditures regarding tuitionfees, books costs, etc, up to a maximum of $5,250 per year are reimbursed for who got grades “C” and above in that particular course. 

McDonald’s Employee Benefits FAQs

Does McDonalds have employee discounts? How much is it?

In Canada,McDonalds gives its employees an electronic Platinum Card which entitles them to 50% off food that they are ordering for themselves.

What discounts are offered to McDonald’s employees?

Discounts are offerd to McDonald’s employees are depends on the store and management.Most McDonald’s you see are run by a franchisee who can decide on staff benefits, perks, pay and pricing.

Does whether or not you’re a full-time or part-time employee factor in your benefits at McDonald’s?

Whether you are a full time employee or part time employee in the store , McDonald’s discounts completely depends on the store.

What does McDonald’s offer their employees?

McDonald’s offered to its employees by giving three weeks vacation and a splash week.

How much does McDonald’s pay?

McDonald’s salary wages are depends upon the employee position.

What is the highest salary at McDonald’s?

The Highest paid job at McDonald’s is Senior IT Manager.

Does McDonald’s offer PTO ?

Yes, McDonald’s offered paid time off and vacation policy of 10 days paid off in a year to its employees.


We hope you understand the details of associates’ receiving bonuses as a detailed report on McDonald’s Corporation includes Medical, Retirement, Education, and Death. We also provided information about vacation, short and long-term disability, and McSave, etc. Apply for the privileges that suit your needs. Write us in the comment section if you have any doubts and suggestions. We will reply to you as yearly as possible.

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