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REI Employee Benefits,Login, Discounts,Handbook can be discussed here. If anyone is looking for a job at the company, they must check Employee Benefits available at REI they can enjoy while working with the Corporation. REI’s benefits include a wide range of staff gains programs that is very useful for the representatives. It provides advantages that include handsome health benefits like vision, dental, insurance, 401k plans, etc. To check similar employee benefits available at Arizona Outback Adventures .

Apart from attractive benefits for representatives, Recreational Equipment also offers gains at an independent range of aids like a heritage card, commissions on the company products and services, and Flexible working hours. In this article we are providing what type of benefits offered by REI corporation to its representatives.

REI Employee Benefits
REI Employee Benefits

REI Employee Benefits

The full form of REI is Recreational Equipment, International. In America, it sells clothes, travel equipment, camping gear, and sporting goods. It was founded in the year 1938, in Seattle, Washington.The corporation is having more than 15,000 workers to provide services across the United States. REI feels it is important to take care of its employees by giving generous benefits and gains. Earlier, it is used to offer its privileges to full-time workers only. But now it extended its worker profits and reductions to the part-time workers also who work 20 or more hours per week, over a defined 12 month period. The main aim of corporation is providing benefits to full time workers as well as part time workers to retain them for a long time.

Do you know REI has a unique retirement plan for its operators a 401(K) and profit-sharing plan, where it contributes 100% matching amount of 5% of the workers’ salary as well it also adds profit-sharing contributions of 0-10% of the workers’ wages? The health insurance, FSA, HSA extras offered will save hundreds for its servants. The Corporation of REI employees receive a 50% discount on REI Co-op Gear and Apparel.

Our Top Employee Benefits:

REI Employee Login

MedicalIt covers dental, vision, life, disability, and spending accounts
DentalIt covers orthodontia, cleanings, scaling, restorative, basic and major services. The firm contributes $500 per person.
VisionVision plan provides coverage for eye exams, contact lenses, frames, etc.
HSA and FSAThese are the pre-tax dollars that are used for unexpected medical, elder care, and daycare expenses. The premiums are deducted from the paychecks of workers.
Short-term disabilityFor STD the waiting period is 5 days. It pays 100% of two weeks average salary for up to 6 weeks, 60% of two weeks average salary up to 20 weeks.
Long-term disabilityAfter completion of STD, it pays 40% of the annual base salary monthly. The supplemental LTD adds an extra 20% of the annual base salary.
Basic Term lifeThe firm offers basic life insurance which is equal to one time the annual base salary that is limited to $850,000.
AD&DIt is the same as life which is equal to a one-time annual base salary, limited to $850,000.

REI Employee Discounts

CommutersThe workers who are commuting for work are provided with a 50% pre-tax subsidy on bus, train, vanpool, and boat charges.
RelocationThe workers who are relocating more than 50 miles for work are provided financial support
Paid time offThe vacation policy, sick leaves, and eight holidays come under this PTO. The associates with 15 years of experience will become eligible for sabbatical pay.
Maternity and Paternity leaveIt offers 6 weeks of maternity and paternity leave who got a baby by birth or surrogacy, or adoption
Yay daysThese are the paid holidays that are given for the workers twice a year to participate in adventures
A personal leave of absenceThe firm provides 12 weeks of unpaid leaves with the approval of managers.

REI Employee Handbook

Member Discount The workers are allowed to use company vehicles for trips with the company’s own travel section. Also, they will get 10% off on sale items, 50% off on co-op gear apparel, 30% off on vendor merchandise, all are of the same company parts.
Adoption AssistanceThe executives will receive $3,000 per child to cover the costs related to adopting a child.
Heritage CardIt is a lifetime discounted card and it is offered to the person and to his/her partner after the completion of 15 years of service

REI Employee Benefits FAQs

How much does REI employees get discount?

REI employees receives 50% discount on REI Co-op Gear and apparel.

How do I use my employee discount at REI?

Simply login to your account and enter the code at checkout.

What is REI retirement plan?

REI makes an automatic retirement contribution of 5% of your eligible earnings.

Does REI offer 401k?

REI offers generous retirement program and contributing 5% of earnings to eligible employees.


Here are the complete details about the benefits which are offered by the REI. Apart from the above extras, it offers professional training and development courses for associates as well as a newly joined employees that encourages growth and promotion as well to have fun outdoors with teammates. We hope you read and understand the aids that are offered to employees at the corporation. As a member of the group, use the privileges carefully. If you have any queries and suggestions write us in the comment section. We will reply to you as early as possible.

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