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Voya Financial Employee Benefits ,Login, Discounts , Handbook can be checked here. If anyone want to get a job at Voya Financial , then they must check What are the benefits available to employees? To help them, we had published a report on the available benefits to associates offered by Voya Financial on this page. Find out Benefits to Protect yourself with Coverage Options available at Voya through your Employer. To check more employee benefits at New York Life Insurance .

Voya Employee Benefits

Voya Financial gives a wide range of gains and packages for its staff. It disburses an exciting benefits to help employees with several extras like health, 401(K), spending accounts, paid time off, etc., to take care of their physical, mental, and social well-being at Voya Financial.

Voya Employee Benefits
Voya Financial Employee Benefits

Voya Financial Employee Benefits Login

In the New York City of America, Voya Financial is an economic, retirement, investment, and insurance company. The Financial company is providing 7,000 profits, Comprehensive List Breakdown of all the Medical, Retirement, and Vacation. Some of the benefits are automatically enrolled after the completion of 3 months of service whereas some of them are to be purchased by the representatives of the company. To change the lifestyle, analyze medical strengths, and set future goals to register at bonuses programs that are offered by Voya Financial to its valuable employees. We are here to publish an article to give complete information about the amazing benefits of Voya Financial associates.

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Voya Financial Employee Discounts

The financial services company has enhanced its hospital indemnity insurance benefit for its operators to pay for the hospital and ICU admission bills. Voya Financial company announced 40 hours of paid volunteer leave benefit per year to its representatives to serve the needy and poor people voluntarily.

The workers of the Voya Financial company will get more than their paycheck benefits. Along with the 401(K) plan, Voya also offers pension Savings to its agents. The financial services company has included according to different job positions available on the company official website. Voya grants Health incentives to its workers encourages them to take control of their health. Voya Financial announced supplemental insurance to its servants that they can purchase for themselves and their family members, which are useful for their unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Let us have a look at a brief description of them.

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Voya Financial Employee Handbook

MedicalIt offers dental, vision, FSA, and life insurance
DentalIt offers dental insurance through Delta Dental, through which you can use in and out-of-network providers.
VisionIt offers voluntary vision insurance through VSP. Workers can use in and out-of-network providers but they have to do fewer copayments
FSAIt offers two types of Flexible Spending Accounts. A Limited Purpose FSA is used for the out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses that are tax-advantaged through payroll deductions. Dependent Care FSA is used for out-of-pocket expenses that are related to elder care and child care expenses.
DisabilityIt offers supplemental short-term and long-term disability insurance that pays some portion of salary up to 12 weeks when the person is unable to work due to sickness or injury. Depending on the policy chosen by the worker the LTD pays 50-80% of that worker’s salary.
Accidental InsuranceWhen any servant loses his/her limb, or got an injury, or died in that accident then the firm pays a certain amount to his/her nominees.
RetirementIt offers 401(K) savings plans, pension savings plans, stock, mutual funds, bonds, and EFTs, etc. One can choose any one of them and contribute some amount of salary to it. The organization adds its contributions to that account that protects the person’s and their families future with strong financial security.
Tuition ReimbursementIt is offered to regular full-time and part-time workers to improve their skills that help in fulfilling the future and present needs of the business as well as the people.
Management developmentThe managers will get training year to improve their skills in motivating their team members to increase the work efficiency. This training session also improves the relationship between managers and team members.
MentoringThis mentoring advantage allows exploring new ideas and ways of thinking that develop personal and professional growth and knowledge irrespective of job, service, and place.
CommuterIt covers the transportation charges like van, bus, train, vanpool, etc who are commuting from home to work.
PTOIt offers 1520 days of paid time off per year depending on their length of service.
Holidays New year’s day, Memorial day Independence day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and staff’s Birthdays are also considered paid holidays.
Maternity LeaveIt offers the expecting mothers 7 weeks of paid maternity leave and 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. There is no paternity leave.

Voya Financial Employee Benefits FAQs

What type of company is Voya Financial?

Voya is a financial services company.

Does Voya Financial has a retirement plan?

Yes, Voya has received the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Retirement Plan Certification from DALBAR.


Here we were given the complete details of Voya company associates advantages. We hope you read and got the full knowledge of products and services. As an operator of the institute, utilize the gains program of products and services. If you have any queries and suggestions regarding it, feel free to comment to us in the comment section. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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