ExxonMobil Employee Benefits, Login, Discounts, Handbook


ExxonMobil Employee Benefits, Login, Discounts, Handbook can be checked here. Check the list of Employee Benefits at ExxonMobil. If anyone is a worker at this firm, then they must know about the benefits to its employees. In this post discuss about what kind of benefits offered by ExxonMobil corporation to its employees and satisfied with physical, financial, and social well-being gains.To check similar employee benefits available at Chevron Corporation.

ExxonMobil Employee Benefits

ExxonMobil Employee Benefits

In America, ExxonMobil Corporation is a multinational gas and oil company that generates Crude oil, Oil products, Natural gas, Petrochemicals, and power generation. It was founded by John D. Rockefeller, on November 30, 1999, in Irving, Texas, U.S. It is operating with 72,000 workers around the world.


Exxon Mobil offers its associates to various benefits that includes health, dental, vision, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability. Other benefits offered by the corporation to its Employees like health and pension schemes, etc. One can also get these ExxonMobil’s benefits at official website of the firm.

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ExxonMobil Employee Login

The main aim of ExxonMobil behind providing various Benefits to its associates is to retain the skilled professionals with the Corporation for a long time. Let us have a discussion in brief regarding Benefits of ExxonMobil associates.

MedicalIt covers dental, vision, disability, life insurance including telemedicine, fertility, etc.
DentalIt offers 100% preventive care like cleanings, fluoride, basic and major services like fillings, orthodontic, root canals, and crowns free of charge.
VisionIt offers routine eye exams, contact lenses, lenses, frames, and discounts on laser eye operations, etc.
Spending AccountsThese are pre-tax dollars put aside for out-of-pocket health care, dependent care, and daycare expenses.
DisabilityIt offers short-term and long-term disability insurance coverage. The percentage of the amount depends on the disability and the company policies. Pregnancy, delivery, or maternity leave comes under short-term disability.
EAPIt is a safe, free, and confidential counseling program that is organized by professionals to solve mental issues, alcohol abuse, depression, or any family issues, etc.
Life InsuranceThe company offers basic term life insurance free of cost which is equal to one time the annual base salary.

ExxonMobil Employee Discounts

RetirementIt offers different types of retirement savings plans with different varying specifications and risks. The associates can choose their account on a pre-tax or Roth or after-tax basis. The organization provides its matching contributions and are totally vested after three years of service
Pension planIt is also one type of retirement plan in which it offers an amount monthly for a lifetime. This will be vested after 5 years of service. The workers’ age must be equal to or greater than 55 to take retirement.
Financial Fitness ProgramIt is a unique and special program that conducts workshops for its associates to give awareness of the company’s profits that are provided apart from their salaries.
ConcessionsIt gives rebates on company products and services to its workforce and their family members.
Tuition ReimbursementIt provides its workers’ financial support when they would like to continue their studies while working. That gives skilled professionals for the enterprise that is the reason it offers amount for tuition fees, application fee, and books, etc.

ExxonMobil Employee Handbook

Paid time offThe vacation leaves depend on the length of the service. At a base level, it gives 2 weeks of paid time off. The associates who have 30 years of service with the firm will receive 6 weeks of paid time off.
Flexible Work SchedulesThe enterprise provides flexible work schedules for its staff to balance their life at home and office. Whenever they need time for the family they can adjust their timings.
Parental LeaveIt offers eight weeks of parental leave for the staff to spend time with the little one who came by birth or adoption.
Leave of absenceIn case of taking care of elder ones, military operations, etc situations, it offers leave of absence.
Adoption AssistanceIt provides financial support when any associate is going to adopt a child from the orphanage home. The costs related to transportation, application, lawyer fees will be reimbursed by the firm. Generally, it allocates in-network adoption counselors and referral resources to give advice during adoption.
Associate Recognition ProgramThe workers will be recognized and appreciated for certain milestones during their careers by the firm. The appreciation may be in the form of extra compensation or in any other way.

ExxonMobil Employee Benefits FAQs

What does Exxon Mobil Corporation do?

Exxon Mobil Corporation is engaged in energy business.

What products does Exxon sell?

plastic, synthetic rubber, and other chemical products.

What insurance does ExxonMobil offer?

ExxonMobil offers health,pension, life insurance to eligible employees.


This is all about the benefits of Employee they can enjoy while working with corporation. We hope you got complete knowledge of the Benefits that are offered by ExxonMobil to its employees. If you have any queries and suggestions regarding this article, write us in the comment section. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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